Haydn Hedrick

October 11, 1945—April 16, 2021

Haydn was born in Polson Montana to Irene Hope-Hedrick and Ray Hedrick. They moved from place to place, but ended up back under the big skies of Montana. Haydn spent his childhood fishing, delivering newspapers, and smoking hay fever cigarettes.

Haydn earned his BA from Eastern MT, and his Masters in Counseling from MSU. He began his career as an English teacher in Lambert, MT. Over the course of his life, he spent time as a professor, coach, counselor, school superintendent, rancher, school psychologist, arborist, business owner, stock broker, group home director, mentor, architect and author.

Haydn dedicated his life to helping people. He was known around Great Falls for his generosity. He will be remembered for his unique ability to tailor his counseling to fit an individual's needs. He enjoyed fine wine, fine food, and fine cars, but had questionable taste in beer and whiskey. He pontificated frequently on issues of social justice, Darwinism, the meaning of life, and the people he cared about. He was a runner, an occasional hot air balloon pilot, a golfer, and was often heard stating that “the family who shoots craps together stays together.”

He fancied himself quite the backyard chef, often barbecuing for friends and family. He made a mean steak.

Haydn shuffled off this mortal coil peacefully, surrounded by people who loved him.

Haydn is survived by three brilliant children, Dan, Molly, and Ben; a fashion-conscious son-in-law, Jaime; a successful daughter-in-law, Cassie; two dynamic step-children, Preston and Sam; five extraordinary grandchildren, Kelsey, Isaac, Oliver, Evelyn, and Leo; a loving sister, Hope; a witty brother, Dan; a sock-loving Labradoodle, Shiloh; and three extremely lucky ex-wives.

He was preceded in death by his mother Irene and father Ray.

A celebration of life is planned for July 25th. Visit for more details as they become available.

For more information about Haydn's childhood, read Memories of a Big Sky British War Bride by Irene Hope-Hedrick or Hayfever by Haydn Hedrick.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Alliance for Youth, Indian Family Health Clinic, or Montana VA Mental Health Care.

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